Everyone is being brainwashed into believing that alternative energies are the answer to all our power problems.  However, to be precise, alternative energies are not 'alternative'.  If energy cannot be called upon at will to fill power needs, the accurate description would be to refer to energies from wind, solar, waves, etc., as 'supplementary'.  Ultimately, the true bulk of electric demand must be met by reliable, dispatchable fossil and nuclear power.

One of these 'alternative' energies is wind power.   However, in its lifetime, wind power will only produce a small portion of the energy that was necessary to design, fabricate, transport, erect, operate, maintain and decommission it.  Therefore - by definition - wind power is unsustainable. 
Wind Power is Big Business.  The big winners will be developers, land owners, brokerage houses, banks, manufacturers, governments, the "green" movement, environmentalists, researchers, academia, and the news media.  The big losers will be the taxpayers and those that pay electric bills.
If you suspect that wind power
  • isn't all that it is crapped up to be
  • are suspicious of all the seemingly endless positive hype surrounding wind power
  • wonder why no one has anything financially negative to say about wind power
  • need a complete source of information not readily touted about wind power
then WIND POWER FRAUD is the book for you.
The only reason 'alternative' energies are being pushed is because they supposedly offer a solution to reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.   However, once global warming and climate change are exposed for the scams that they are, and 'alternative energies' are revealed to be unsustainable, the justification for 'alternative' energies evaporates into thin air.